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My Articles

NEW - Dieselgate: My Plan Ahead - Looks like I'm jumping ship....

Dieselgate: A TDI Owners Opinion - My thoughts on "Dieselgate" without too much scientific double-talk...

Driving vs. Flying - Many of my friends consider me a "road warrior" since I like to travel by car while they prefer to fly.  I read a very short article regarding the virtues of driving and was inspired to write an article of my own.

Drivers Wanted Back - A minor rant to VWVortex regarding their definition of an "enthusiast."

My 1998 Stealth TDI - a PowerPoint Presentation in PDF format.  Enjoy!

2011 Road Trip - 5400 miles through 12 states in a 13 year old TDI.  The trip ended on September 5, 2011.

Our Tour of the Northern United States - 6300 miles through 21 states in a TDI.  The tour ended on June 15, 1999.

CLICK HERE to see an image that shows all states traveled in my 1998 Jetta TDI.

Click this image to download a
                    575-kb local copy of my article in 'Driver
                    Magazine.'I was contacted out of the blue by the editors of "Driver" magazine.  I was stunned when they showed an interest in writing about me.  I have a 575-kb local copy of the article in PDF format here.  Since I don't display our last name on this website, I've stripped it from the article. Also, remember the author took some "artistic liberties" to make the story more interesting.  If you've never served on a Coast Guard cutter, you may not even notice.  But you Coasties keep in mind that while the stories within are true, some artistic flair was added.  ;-) 

AUTObiography - A VWVortex feature with emphasis on the "auto" (the car).  My car was featured on its 10th "birthday."  This is an updated version.  The original version is HERE.

Here are some of the Car Shows I've Entered.  I normally don't show the car with the expectation to win.  Instead, I enter to support the VW scene and get a great parking spot for the show!  But sometimes I win. ;-)

Here are the Other VWs I own or have retired.

Compare Annual Fuel Costs depending on your EPA economy ratings...  (Updated Regularly to Reflect Current Fuel Prices...)

My Review of the 1998 Jetta TDI, a supplement to European Car Magazine's review, The Hassle-Free Diesel.

The 1997 TDI Promotional Flyer which introduced me to the TDI and convinced me I had to have one.

Ross-Tech is the creator of VAG-COM,
          a diagnostic tool for all VWs and Audis. It's just like having
          your own VAG-1552... the same diagnostic tool used by
          dealerships. This device can save many costly trips to the

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