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Updated December 26, 2006
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Diana's school picture...       It's so hard for me to tell you there's very little happening with us when I feel SO BUSY!  ;-)  My assignment year is in full swing.  I'm transferring ~350-people this year.  As a result, I'm up to my eyeballs in e-mails, phone calls, and assignment decisions.  I made the bulk of my decisions in the past few weeks.  But I still have a few contentious issues to resolve.  In addition, I'm sure I'll have to deal with some who aren't happy with the assignments I have issued.  By the time I've resolved the issues on my account, it'll be time to ramp up and get ready to start all over again for "Assignment Year 2008."  YIPPPEEEEE!

      Diana continues to do very well in school.  Her teachers love her!  She remains quite a challenge at home.  But I guess that's better than the alternative: Easy at home and "challenging" in society.  Overall, I think she's a great kid!  I look forward to what she may do in the future.

My crew chief in training...       Joanne is doing well.  Our weekly separations are a challenge for her.  She is essentially a single-parent during the week; then fairly tired by the weekend.  Some wonder why we would have such a living arrangement.  Frankly, I never thought we'd opt for an assignment as a "geographic-bachelor."  However, life in the DC Metro is VERY expensive.  Affordable housing is a long drive away from work; and schools in those areas are not what most parents dream of when choosing a school for their child.  :-(  Having a VERY good feeling I will be able to land another assignment near our home in 2010, we opted to keep the house, keep Diana in her current school system, and leave Joanne where she has A LOT of support through friends at church.  It's a sacrifice we're making for some stability for Diana.  With luck, she may not have to transfer to another school district for YEARS.

Sprinting toward the finish...      Despite my busy schedule, I still find time to race my car once or twice a month (I'm "off" during the winter).  This year was a challenge because of the move and learning a new job.  I hope to have a better race season in 2007 now that I've established a routine.  My long commutes in the DC area and between DC and SE VA have prompted me to start using my ham radio again (I'm sure some of you forgot I have an FCC license).  My most interesting radio contact this year was a recent conversation with a fellow flying a regional jet toward New York.  He reported he was flying at 29,500-ft at 450-mph and was about 40-50 miles away.  As you can imagine, our conversation was brief.  But it was enough to make me want to begin testing toward upgrading my license.  Operating on different frequencies, I can just as easily communicate with folks in NY, TX, CA, or GERMANY!  That kind of activity certainly makes my mundane 160-mile one-way weekend commute pass a little faster.

My promotion to Chief Warrant Officer...      In closing, I want to share more photos with our family and close friends.  I finally tripped over a free program that makes having an online photo album a breeze!  I uploaded tons of new and old photos.  To Dad’s delight, all of the photos actually have PEOPLE in them instead of snakes, cars, and other stuff no one cares about.  CLICK HERE to see the album.  This section of the website is password protected to keep “drive-by” visitors out and to keep the pages out of Internet search engines.  Those interested, likely grandparents, can write down the file names and find larger, printable versions CLICKING HERE.  They're listed somewhat chronologically.

Happy Holidays!!!

Scott, Joanne, and Diana

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