More Photos of Pretzel...

Pretzel hides under his water bowl and takes its shape.  That's why he's sort of pyramided.         Here's what Pretzel usually looks like after removing his water dish.  He hides underneath it, taking the dish's shape.  The photos below are sequences of him eating a rat.  Click here to see a 6Mb video of him snaring a rat.  I don't normally feed him live prey.  But he often needs to be stimulated in the spring after fasting all winter.  I feed him separately in a large Rubbermaid container, called "The Collisium."  I've read it's a good idea to feed pythons in a separate container to avoid him expecting food in his "home."  The vast majority of snake bites (sometimes thought as "attacks") are a result of poor hygiene on the keeper's part.  Often, the snake smells the scent of his food on the keeper's hand and mistakes it for his food.  Simply washing your hands prior to handling will reduce the chance of biting.  Frequent handling will also keep the snake from associating the keeper's hand with food.  Enjoy the rest of the photos.  


Just like slurping spaghetti!

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