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Here are my favorite links.  Keep in mind this is the INTERNET.  There's a lot of good information out there... but a lot of bad info, too.  This is especially true in discussion forums where opinions and attitudes greatly vary.  For TDI questions, I HIGHLY recommend the TDI FAQ.

A discussion forum devoted
                      exclusively to the TDI. Now incorporated into
                      Fred's TDI Page, this site is a good place for TDI
                      answers! There's also an excellent TDI FAQ. Beware
                      of misinformation here. It's not uncommon for bad
                      advise to go unchecked. A great place to learn about TDIs... and has
                      an excellent FAQ... An online Watercooled magazine.
                       Features online articles, VW announcements,
                      and several discussion forums. What a great resource! This is a local TDI
                      club in Cincinnati. There's good info on biodiesel
                      and some videos that show how easy it is to
                      maintain your TDI. Fuelly Economy Website...


Are you aware of a TDI Page that I don't have listed?  E-mail me so I can give that page appropriate attention.

Commercial Pages That Benefit TDI Owners

Ross-Tech is the creator of VAG-COM, a
                      diagnostic tool for all VWs and Audis. It's just
                      like having your own VAG-1552... the same
                      diagnostic tool used by dealerships. This device
                      can save many costly trips to the dealer...

A great resource for TDI parts... Tell him
                      Stealth TDI sent you... A great resource for TDI parts... Tell him
                      Stealth TDI sent you... A guy who
                      knows his stuff and a Rocketchip reseller... Tell
                      him Stealth TDI sent you... A good place to
                      get your parts that are not TDI-specific... and
                      some that are... Malone Tuning... My currently my programmer
                      of choice.. Rocketchip Chip Tuning... His website is the
                      pits, but I assure you the man can tune a TDI!
                      Tell him Stealth TDI sent you... Darkside is the TDI crack store of Europe.
                      ;-) is another great place to get all
                      your VW parts for less than you'd pay at the
                      dealer! Call them for even lower prices than
                      displayed online. DieselGeek has
                      lots of common maintenance and upgrades for TDIs.
                      Check out his expertise and selection of
                      maintanence items. A great resource for VW parts... A good resource for VW parts and
                      accessories... The best VW Service Manuals for the

Take Your Car to the Races... AND RACE!

My side page to promote
                        driving TDIs in competitive environments... The nation's largest body of racers, from
                        amateur to professional. Discussion
                        forum for the Sport Car Club of America... Website for
                        autocrossers in the Southeastern US... An
                        enthusiast website for those who participate in
                        SCCA Solo II events, better known as
Old Dominion
                        Region of SCCA... Tidewater Sports Car Club... The Tire

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