About E-Mailing MeÖ

Read This Carefully Ė Iím too busy to answer the same questions every day. Please pay me the courtesy of using the resources Iíve provided below before contacting me:

∑    Please read the TDI FAQ to address general/performance/troubleshooting questions on older TDIs. Some very smart TDI owners spent a lot of time compiling the information to avoid answering the same olí questions every day. If your answer is not there, odds are I cannot help you. Visit TDICLUB.COM and post your questions there. THIS SITE is also very helpful.

∑   Questions about MY TDIs are always welcome. But please take the time to read the five short pages that discuss them before writing. Details about my Mk3 upgrades are HERE. before writing. I explain each modification.

∑    If you've done that, feel free to Click here to e-mail me. Please include the word "TDI" anywhere in the subject to ensure you get my attention.

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Thank You for your patience and understanding,