About Joanne...

                normally shy in front of a camera, but she looks like a
                model here. This photo was taken on our first date in
                1989. Joanne grew up in various areas around the world as a Navy kid. The most significant portions of her life were spent in Pascagoula, MS and Alameda, CA. I met Joanne at church in Alameda while I was assigned to CGC MORGENTHAU in the summer of 1989. She doesn't even remember the first time we met... "Ewwwh, a SAILOR!" ;-) That was okay... she was still 18 and in the high school class at church (I wouldn't date high school students). However,something changed after my first deployment with Morgenthau: She was 19 and out of high school. :-) The Loma Prieta earthquake in October 1989 really brought us together. The earthquake left me stranded on the island of Alameda (all bridges were closed). So I went to a regular hang out and found a bunch of my friends from church. When the members of the group went their separate ways, I asked Joanne if I could hang out with her and her sister. Later, I started teaching her sister to drive, inviting Joanne for the ride, of course. The rest is history. We've been happily married since 1991. This photo was taken on our very first date in 1989.

Image of
                Joanne holding Diana during her first week at home.Image of Joanne in July
                2009... Aside from being a GREAT mom to our daughter, DIANA, Joanne's interests are reading, cooking (great cook!!!), cross-stitch, and OUR SILLY CATS. She also likes to sing (but seldom confesses it), Jazzercise, and dance ballet. When you compare those to MY hobbies (VWs, music, REPTILES, and ELECTRONICS), it would seem we have nothing in common. But we still love each other just the same. She's a genuinely kind and gentle person. I'm lucky to have her for my bride. Life at sea would have been much more difficult if it weren't for her. I look forward to when I can retire from the Coast Guard and always be there for her. The photo at the left was taken in 2000 when Diana was a few days old. The photo at the right was taken in 2009.