Dealer Markup


Some dealers add "special items" which increase the price of the car beyond MSRP. Some areas even add an artifical "Market Value Adjustment" such as the $3895 shown here. It's crap and only serves to make an unsuspecting customer feel good about getting "$2000 below sticker" when the dealer still really made a huge profit (invoice on my car was $25,538). In short, don't pay this adjustment and don't pay for the "protection package" (it's >500% profit). Odds are good that you can actually get the car for below invoice. Also, install a simple loan calculator in your smartphone. Most customers don't think twice about the monthly payment if they can afford it and think they're getting a good deal. The truth is dealers make money for every dollar over the actual cost of the loan they get buyers to pay. My dealer tried to add $70/mo to my monthly payment to net over $4100 of back-end profit. It should be criminal. Bring a calculator and do the math. Dealers will hate you! :-)

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