A Little About Me...

Image of Scott in 2009... I grew up near Houston, TX and I joined the U.S. Coast Guard shortly after graduating from high school. I've tinkered with electronics and audio equipment since I was about 14. Therefore, I went to a U.S. Navy technical school (as a Coastie) to become an (electronics/weapons) fire control technician. With my new training, I expanded to radar, industrial computers, and synchro/servo subsystems. I started doing some of my own automotive maintenance and learned the basics about automotive systems (self-taught). Later, I became involved with Amateur Radio and computers. Eventually, many of my hobbies started tying together. For example, both my bicycle and my car are outfitted with Amateur Radio stations. The explosion of technology has made my job and some of my hobbies quite interesting.

I met my wife in the wake of the Loma Prieta earthquake and have lived in Hampton Roads, VA; Cape Cod, MA; White Sands, NM; and Alameda, CA. My family pages are intentionally short on info to preserve their privacy.

Other hobbies include Volkswagens, autocross, diesel technology (yes, it exists), bicycling, web management, amateur radio, and reptiles. A VERY large portion of this website is dedicated to my enthusiasm for the TDI, a small four cylinder turbodiesel engine by VW/Audi. I'm still in the Coast Guard and have an approved retirment date. I may continue to work for the Coast Guard as a civilian employee. :-)

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